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Our bags evolve your look and upgrade your style to the modern era

With a heritage dating back to 1986, Nova Leathers’ timeless designs have dominated the leather bag market as they not only look stylish but help you make a lasting impression. Not only do our bags fit your everyday life, but they also make the perfect gifts that are sure to put a smile on your loved ones’ faces. With our bags, you can enchant every room you enter and make a style statement everywhere.

Leather Hand Weaving for Bags

Bags are woven by hand by our team of experienced and skilled workers.

Leather Hole Punching

Punching leather is done to produce holes, cut edges, cut patterns, and set hardware in the leather for further use using hand-used tools such as hammers and awls.


Through the use of stitching machines the leather is then stitched into bags.

Edge Panting

The detailed parts of the bags are then painted carefully according to the stylish designs.

Bag Making & Leather Store

The bags are then stored to be sold.


Take a gander at our fashionable Leather bags

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Request samples

Interested in any of the leathers you have seen? We will be glad to send you samples. This way, you will be able to see the different qualities and finishes and keep a memo as a reference for your projects. Browse our leather catalogue and select your favorite colours.