Our footwear doesn’t just feel good, it looks even better!

Leather shoes are designed to provide their wearers with a sense of luxury and comfort, which is why Nova Leather manufactures these shoes with the best quality real leather, making them elegant, comfortable, lightweight, and easily customized to your needs. Our highly skilled workforce ensures that the shoes are meticulously sewn together, with special attention paid to the tiniest details, and are not only well-made but also attractive and fashionable enough to be worn and flaunted at any event.

Leather Scratching

Scratches are removed from the leather to ensure a smooth surface.


The leather is then glued onto a usable surface

Tyre Sole Cutting

Tyre rubbers are cut into the shape of soles to provide a base for the sole of the shoe.

Leather Folding

The leather is then folded onto itself to improve thickness.

Loop Scratching

The scratching process is repeated once more

Loop Stitching

The stitching process is repeated again as well

Sole Cutting

The soles are cut according to shoe size

Sole Pasting

The soles are then pasted onto the shoes.

Sole Painting

Soles are then painted and polished to give a shine.

Product Buffing

The product is finally buffed and strengthened.

Ready Product

After all these processes the final product is ready to be worn.


Take a gander at our stylish Leather footwear

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Request samples

Interested in any of the leathers you have seen? We will be glad to send you samples. This way, you will be able to see the different qualities and finishes and keep a memo as a reference for your projects. Browse our leather catalogue and select your favorite colours.