Garments that speak for themselves.

Nova Leather places a high value on designing products that provide the user with a sense of ultimate luxury and comfort while still looking stylish. For decades, our automated and highly efficient production method has successfully delivered leather fashion goods to a wide range of consumers all over the world giving us a great understanding of the market. This can also be attributed due to the fact that we at Nova leather keep up with the newest fashion trends and hence offer products with stylish and intelligent designs in a variety of qualities such as classic leather garments, as well as hand-worked, cleaned, vegetable-tanned, and chrome-free leather.

Making Pattern

The garment design is made to act as a blueprint for all further processes.

Leather Cutting

The leather is cut according to specifications.

Leather Fusing

Through the use of hot irons the leather is fused together.

Production Department

The production department then produces the finished material to then be shaped into the garments.


Stitching of the raw leather material is done into garment shape.

Product Finishing

Final finishing touches are added to the product.

Product Press

The product is then pressed to avoid any wrinkles or such.

Product Packing

After which packing of the product is done into respective boxes.

Store Department

These boxes are then stored into storage units


Finally products are shipped to their order destinations.


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Interested in any of the leathers you have seen? We will be glad to send you samples. This way, you will be able to see the different qualities and finishes and keep a memo as a reference for your projects. Browse our leather catalogue and select your favorite colours.