A Walkthrough of how premium quality leather should be treated

The Tanning process is necessary for leather in order to prevent rotting and putrefaction as it stabilizes the protein of the raw hide or skin and allowing it to be used for a wide range of process’s. After the leather has been prepared then comes the tanning which makes the skin ready for dyeing and other uses such as manufacturing goods. Tanning is not only limited to one kind either, it can have several ways such as Chrome tanning , vegetable tanning, Brain tanning, Synthetic, etc. With each process differing in the amount of labor or machinery or chemicals involved. Tanning is an essential part of leather manufacturing. Each of its numerous processes, helps contributes to the finish and make of leather which creates a desirable premium product.

Leather Selection

The finest quality of leathers are selected to be used for the final product.

Leather Dryer Machine

The process of drying the raw leather in order to make it usable for upcoming processes also known as semming.

Leather Die on Drum

Drum dyeing helps immerse the leather in the dye and by tumbling it in a rotating drum it ensures a maximum penetration of the dye throughout the hide.

Leather Die Chemical

Leather dyeing is a process used to produce colors in hides/skins using common dyestuffs such as water-based acid dyes.

Leather Shaver Machine

The shaving process is carried out in order to even out and/or reduce the thickness throughout the leather.

Leather DeDusting Machine

The Dedusting machine aims to remove dust and clean it via a blower into the dust collection box.

Leather Trimming

The leather is trimmed using local or export requirements and market needs in mind.

Leather Ruler Stick Machine

All products are Inspected via a machine to assure total quality management and weed out any faulty products.

Milling Drum

The Milling process helps in physically softening the leather through tumblers in a dry.

Auto Togal Machine

Through the help of machines and the use of small clamps called toggles hides are allowed to air dry in order to shrink and reduce stretchability.

Leather Buff Machine

Through this process, the quality of the leather is further improved by buffing the brightness of the leather. 

Leather Chakram Machine

Through the Leather Chakram Machine the leather is softened and stretched making it more usable and comfortable for garments, bags and footwear.

Leather Hanging

Hanging is done as an additional component to further dry the leather hide.

Leather Pattern Press Machine

Patterns are embossed into the leather

Leather Spray Plant

The leather is sprayed to the color of the required order giving them a shiny glossy look.

Leather Skin Measurement Machine

The tannery then uses computerized systems to measure the size of the skin in order to label it using measurement indicators such as Full hide - Half hide


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